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Youtube Disaster-Correction Page

Dear reader,

If you are coming to this page because one of the Youtube videos that we 'embedded' on Emperor's Clothes is not working, we're sorry and we will try to solve the problem.

If you have already gone to Youtube and found that the video was removed skip to here. If you have not yet gone to Youtube (or don't know what I am talking about) please keep reading.

When we put a Youtube video on Emperor's Clothes - a process called 'embedding' - we also download a copy of that video and save it. If one of our 'embedded' Youtube videos is removed from Youtube, then and only then we will upload our copy to our own server and provide readers with a link to the video; this link will be found on the present page - www.tenc.net/a/yt.htm   Right now (Nov. 11, 2007) there are no such links on this page because (knock on wood) all our embedded videos are working, or at least, as far as we know.

If you cannot access one of our embedded Youtube videos, try going to the Youtube link we provide under every embedded video. If you have tried that to no avail, please read on.


Does Youtube say the video was removed? 


If at Youtube you have gotten a message "this video has been removed," or words to that effect, then check below this message and see if there is a link to our copy of the video, uploaded to Emperor's Clothes.  If not, it is probably because we don't know Youtube has removed the video.  Please write us at emperorsclothes@tenc.net and let us know, and we will upload the video and send you the link.  Thank you!

Best regards,
Jared Israel
Editor, TENC

There are presently no links on this page because as far as we know, everything is working.  If this is mistaken, please write and let us know.