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Arafat memorial rally

[Rasmi Arafat; 06-Jan. 05; Balata Refugee Camp]

Abu Mazen, the Fateh Presidential candidate in upcoming Palestian elections, visits Balata Refugee Camp and rallies with the local Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade.

Abu Mazen and Ala'a Sanakra (local Al-Aqsa leader) raise their fists together while Abu Mazen speaks to the crowd in Balata.    

Abu Mazen shaking hands with Ala'a Sanakra, the leader of Al-Aqsa in Balata Camp.   Thousands of Balata residents squash into the Shebab Centre to see Abu Mazen.

Abu Mazen and Taysir Nasr'allah, Fateh activist and Yafa Cultural Centre chair, entering Balata Camp together.

Fuzzy photo of dozens of Al-Aqsa fighters rallying around Abu Mazen.

Abu Mazen stands on the podium surrounded by the Balata Al-Aqsa leadership.