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Channel 10 video depicts lynching of Jewish terrorist by angry mob
By Haaretz Service

Video footage aired by Channel 10 news on Sunday night showed that police officers disarmed and cuffed Jewish terrorist Eden Natan-Zada before he was lynched to death by an angry mob.

The video tape was taken only minutes after Natan-Zada shot dead four Israeli Arabs on a Shfaram bus on Thursday.

In the graphic video, a blood-covered Natan-Zada is seen surrounded by policemen, walking up and down the shattered bus trying to avoid objects being flung by the angry mob that gathered around.
After a few minutes a man in a red shirt can be seen climbing aboard the bus through one of the broken windows, grabbing on to the bus's railings and kicking Natan-Zada down.

Photographs published by the Arab language newspaper Al Sinara also show a living, albeit badly beaten, Natan-Zada in handcuffs.

A court injunction was issued following the broadcast forbidding publication of any further information that might interfere with the police investigation.
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