Order the movie Judgment! It shows how the media lied about Bosnia to justify war.

Starting on August 6, 1992 and repeatedly ever since, the picture on the left and others like it have been broadcast worldwide. Taken from film shot on August 5 by a crew from ITN, the British news station, these pictures supposedly depict Muslim men imprisoned behind barbed wire in a Serbian death camp located in Trnopolje (pronounced turn-OP-ul-yay) in Bosnia.

In fact the pictures were doctored.

Trnopolje was not a death camp. It was not even a detention center. The men in the picture above were not prisoners. They were not enclosed by barbed wire. It was all illusion.

Using footage shot by a Yugoslav film crew that worked alongside the ITN crew, Judgment! shows what ITN really saw, and it shows, step by step, how film editors doctored ITN's raw footage, packaging a lie used to justify the destruction of Yugoslavia and the smearing of the Bosnian Serbs and their Muslim allies.

Judgment! can now be viewed on youtube. For much better picture and sound quality, order the DVD, below.

Judgment! uses footage provided by Mihajlo and Petar Ilic of Ilke Productions, who have graciously permitted Emperor's Clothes to use their work to produce this film for an English-speaking audience.


Order Judgment!


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