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Questions on Srebrenica:
Begging for Answers
by Sonja Myers
[6 August 2001]

The following letter was sent to the 'NY Times' but has not been published. For the 'Times,' all news is equal, but some news is less equal than others.

- Jared Israel

August 5, 2001
New York Times Letters


Regarding your August 3rd article, "Tribunal in Hague finds Bosnia Serb guilty of genocide," Marlise Simons' report (page one) incorrectly states that general Krstic was sentenced "for his role in deaths of 7,000 Muslims in Srebrenica." Further on (page eight) it claims that after searching for months, dozens of international experts found 2,028 bodies, presumably in Srebrenica, "finding another 2,500 spread over more than two dozens cities." AP's report on the same page states that out of a total of 4,800 bodies exhumed, only 100 have been identified. In the ICTY's final judgement no specific number of victims was directly connected with general Krstic's role in Srebrenica.

Several questions are begging for answers:

- Where does the figure of 7,000 dead Bosnian Muslims from Srebrenica alone, come from?

- The Bosnian civil war was fought among the Serbs, Croats and Muslims. Who is to say that from a total of 4,800 exhumed bodies and only 100 identified, these dead do not also include Serbs and Croats? Isn't the issue who killed any of them? Or is the death of a Serb or a Croat simply not a newsworthy event to you?

- Isn't it misleading and irresponsible to use numbers to try and add credibility to a story when those numbers are questionable as to both their accuracy and relevance?

Sonja Myers


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